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Our Host

​Our hosts are those communities where the Nigeria LNG Plant is located, other NLNG Facilities and the particular communities the NLNG Gas Transmission System (GTS) traverses. Our core host is Bonny kingdom. The Nigeria LNG plant is located in Finima; a community in Bonny kingdom. Bonny kingdom hosts other major NLNG facilities like the Water-Wells (in Abalamabie), the NLNG Residential Area and six GTS communities.

The NLNG Gas Transmission System transverses about 110 c​ommunities wh​ich cut across nine Local Government Areas and nine kingdoms all in Rivers State. The Corporate Head Office and the Supply Base, where most logistics and pipeline activities are coordinated, has two m​ajor hosts: Amadi-Ama and Ogbumnabali communities.

As a truly Nigerian Company that is proudly world-class in operations, we are committed to building a better Nigeria and, in particular, the development of Rivers State and our host communities through various programmes, schemes, projects and interventions.​​