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HSE Policy

NLNG has a sound Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy anchored on the need to take proper care of its assets, the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders, and to give proper regard to the sustainable management of the environment.

Care for Environment

NLNG is highly committed to ensuring that our environment is protected and preserved for future generations. Our drive for sustainability is hinged on the following suite of activities. Regular biodiversity surveys and biological monitoring is done monthly to observe the state of flora and fauna that thrive on the Island. Diverse species of plants and animals are normally sighted during these surveys. Key environmental indicators are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with permit conditions and applicable regulatory limits as it pertains to effluent discharge, with the results submitted to both NLNG Management and regulators at stipulated intervals. To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and its own HSE policy, NLNG has adopted the principle of minimisation through abatement at source for aqueous effluents which have the potential of causing a negative impact on the receiving environment.

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In 2019, Finima Nature Park celebrated 20 years of existence, as NLNG celebrated 20 years of uninterrupted production and 30 years of incorporation. The park was established on Bonny Island by NLNG in 1999. The site of the nature park is a pristine natural habitat of interesting flora and fauna prevalent on Bonny Island, some endemic only to the Island.
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