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EPC.jpgEPCVirtual ceremony of the award of EPC Contracts to the SCD JV Consortium, comprising affiliates of Saipem, Chiyoda and Daewoo.​​​1359 x 730146 KB
FEED 2.jpgFEED 2A group photo during the signing of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) in July 2018712 x 473297 KB
FEED.jpgFEEDSigning of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) with two consortia in a Dual FEED Process in July 2018712 x 473313 KB
FID1.JPGFID1NLNG Board of Directors on Train 7 Final Investment Decision (FID) day in December 20195760 x 38405897 KB
FID2.JPGFID2Mele Kyari, GMD NNPC, alongside shareholders' representatives, announcing Final Investment Decision (FID) for Train 75760 x 38407334 KB
FID3.JPGFID3Press interviews on Final Investment Decision (FID) Day in December 20195760 x 38406722 KB
FID4.JPGFID4NLNG’s shareholders took the Final Investment Decision (FID) in December 20195760 x 38406440 KB
LOI 1.jpgLOI 1Tony Attah, NLNG MD, signs Letter of Intent for EPC Contracts to SCD JV Consortium. 712 x 473349 KB
LOI 2.jpgLOI 2The issuance of Letter of Intent for the EPC Contract of the Project to SCD JV Consortium712 x 473393 KB
NC 1.jpgNC 1L-R Tony Attah, NLNG MD and Engr. Simbi Wabote, Executive Secretary NCDMB at the NC Plan signing ceremony712 x 473289 KB
NC 2.jpgNC 2NLNG & NCDMB signed off an approved plan for Nigeria Content (NC) in March 2019712 x 473301 KB
T7 SITE 1.jpgT7 SITE 1Early works at Train 7 site712 x 473380 KB
T7 SITE 2.jpgT7 SITE 2Early works at Train 7 site712 x 473403 KB
T7 SITE 3.jpgT7 SITE 3Early works at Train 7 site712 x 473360 KB