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In over 20 years of safe and reliable operations, we have excelled in producing and delivering LNG globally. We have grown stronger each year, with a strong passion for what we do and a belief that gas remains our future.

Our history attests to this. Ten years after incorporation in 1989, the first two trains were completed, paving way for the export of our first LNG cargo on October 9, 1999. This was the beginning of  one of the most successful stories in the global LNG industry 

Nigeria LNG (NLNG)'s plant complex grew from a two-train plant in 1999 to a six-train plant within nine years after start-up. This earned NLNG the reputation of being the fastest growing LNG company in the world.

Generating over $100 billion since the start of production, NLNG is Africa's leading supplier of LNG contributing about 6% of global LNG exports and the single largest industrial complex on the continent. This has largely been achieved with a workforce that is more than 95% indigenous and a 100% Nigerian Leadership Team.

NLNG has delivered over 4,700 LNG cargoes to buyers around the world, made possible by the best production practices and earning the company accolades as one of the most reliable plants in the world.

We made great strides in the past. Our focus is now on our future growth.

We are fully committed to our expansion programme, NLNG Train 7 Project which will increase  our production capacity by 35%, from the current 22 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) to 30 MTPA.

This expansion will ensure that Nigeria, with its significant gas reserves (202 tcf of proven gas reserves, 9th in the world) remains a top, reliable and preferred supplier of LNG in the emerging energy world.

On 27th December 2019, NLNG took Final Investment Decision (FID) for the project

At NLNG, Gas is the Future. The Future is Train 7; and Train 7 is Growth.


Benefits of Train 7

  1. Train 7 means growth for the Nigerian oil & gas industry. Part of the Project will guaranteed gas supply in the upstream sector. This will open up new development opportunities in the industry.
  2. Over US$10 billion is expected to be invested in Train 7 and the upstream scope of the LNG value chain, thereby boosting the much needed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) profile of Nigeria. Train 7 will also boost foreign investor’s confidence in Nigeria.
  3. The Project is anticipated to create about 10,000 new jobs during the construction stage, and on completion, help to further diversify the revenue portfolio of the Federal Government and increase its tax base.
  4. The Project will also support the development of local engineering and fabrication capacity.

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Click here for the press statement on FID

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