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Nigeria LNG Limited directly employs over 1,000 people. In addition, work is provided to thousands of others through various contracts and agreements.
Most staff live on Bonny Island and work there or at the head office located at KM 16 Port Harcourt-Aba Expressway, Port Harcourt and Abuja. Those who work on the Plant facilities live in Bonny Island at the Corporate R A (Residential Area) estate and Port Harcourt.
Are you looking for a challenge that will push your career beyond its limits? Do you want to take the next step in your career working where you impact a nation’s growth? If you have the passion and drive to build a better Nigeria, then bring along your expertise. You will have the opportunity to join us in harnessing our nation’s gas resources thereby diversifying our economy and helping to put out the flares for a cleaner environment.
Our core business areas include marketing, production and shipping of Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids – and each domain has a plethora of job types and development opportunities for ambitious, accomplished, and dedicated candidates.
NLNG has been a tremendous success story since incorporation in 1989, delivering its 1st LNG cargo in October 1999, and completing a 6th Train in 2008. If we had to sum up the reasons for NLNG success story in two words, we believe those words would be performance and values. At Nigeria LNG Limited, we choose the best people and we encourage and enable each individual to perform their very best within highly professional teams, acting within the framework of our company’s values.
Every Nigeria LNG Limited employee commits to living by our values of integrity, teamwork, excellence and caring every day – competing in the market place with the highest ethical standards and commitment to operational excellence, cost leadership, high HSE standards, honesty and integrity and focus on long-lasting business relationships and sustainable success. In this way, we aim to ensure that our name is always synonymous with being a trusted and valuable business partner with all our stakeholders in the sustainable development of Nigeria’s gas industry and of NLNG’s host communities.
NLNG is moving forward with a phased strategy for maintaining the success and moving to the next higher level of top quartile performance. This will focus on integration for superior performance, maximizing value, preparing for growth and delivering growth in an increasingly volatile and competitive world.


We recognize that people will make all the difference. So, our people are our greatest asset! We have a great team of people at NLNG. NLNG values the contribution and commitment of its employees and has an active programme of employee communication and development; enabling people in all business areas to share experiences and ideas and build valuable skills.
As we strive for world-class standards in every aspect of our enterprise, our employees are encouraged to manage and delegate appropriately, to accept responsibility and to recognize that they are both empowered to act and to be accountable for their actions. Our long term people development programme has the clear objective to improve the quality of our management resource both by development from within and by external recruitment.
Exactly in line with our overarching value of excellence, our commitment is to establish a working environment which is based on a transparent meritocracy and the full engagement and involvement of excellent people. We’ll provide the opportunity to achieve, and your achievements will be well rewarded. But our focus is always on long-term, sustainable performance – and to achieve this, we believe it is essential that all our decisions are guided by a shared framework of ethical values.

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When you join Nigeria LNG Limited, you will feel the delight, opportunity and sheer scope of our dynamic global business from day one.
We have the scope, diversity and reach to provide for our staff an exciting and fulfilling place to work and the opportunity to develop, achieve and surpass their greatest potential in with an international outlook and mind-set.
Whether you are a generalist, a specialist, newly-graduated or highly experienced in one of our business areas, you will find exciting opportunities to make even your most ambitious career dreams a reality and you will have the opportunity to make a noticeable difference to the development of the business.
A career with Nigeria LNG Limited is an exciting way to grow your career. Share your expertise with professionals, see your achievements recognized and rewarded, and let us help you reach your goals. You’ll feel motivated and secure in your on-going career progression because we recognize and reward your achievements.
In our bonny location, we offer subsidized services such as fully residential estate, sports and gym facilities, medical and dental care and car parking. We provide flexible working practices wherever necessary and operationally possible. We offer market aligned levels of annual leave entitlements allowances. We also accommodate career breaks wherever feasibly possible.
We regularly conduct surveys amongst our employees to find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed or improved. For example, the NLNG People Survey is conducted online on a regular basis. This gives everyone a chance to make suggestions on improving our work environment, to input into policies or to address areas of concern.


We support and encourage you to explore and fulfill your potential through our professional training and development programmes, on-the-job learning, coaching and mentoring schemes and regular appraisals. And if you aim for the moon, we provide dedicated Potential Achievers Scheme. For us, career progression isn't just an initiative; it's part of our everyday life.
We have the global reach, through collaborations with our Shareholders operating in over 100 countries, to provide a vast range of opportunities for short and long term international assignments. These opportunities will help you exchange expertise, be exposed to projects in every corner of the globe, and be part of a highly diverse international team that is making a real difference to our global industry today.
The future of our business will be defined by an increasingly competitive and volatile market so you can expect constant challenges in your work as we deal with the headwinds. We’ll give you every opportunity to stretch yourself and take on increasing responsibilities.
Our work environment is characterized by continuous improvement and we are passionate about it. We actively encourage new ideas to help direct change and deliver success. We have processes in place across the organization to support continuous improvements.
You’ll have every opportunity to pursue the possibilities provided by our technical, commercial and shipping operations and support services. There is an opportunity to change jobs every 3-6 years. It’s not just our jobs that are diverse; our people are also diverse and the same principles apply: respect and appreciation of differences in culture, nationality and religion. This gives us the opportunity to learn, develop and share the benefits with our customers, employees, shareholders and communities.
The richness of our different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives work together to create stronger business value so we aim to make everyone feel involved, respected and connected.
Our job portals below lets you search all current job openings within Nigeria LNG Limited. Find out where you fit in! If you are interested in joining us, please view our current vacancies when available and register with us through our recruitment portal:





SIWES applicants can click Guide, to follow step by step description of how to apply. If you encounter difficulties applying online, kindly send an email to, indicating the difficulty experienced. Please note that no application, CVs, or other forms of attachments should be sent to the above address.





It has come to our attention that some individuals are contacting people via e-mail and or publications on the internet claiming to be recruiting agents of Nigeria LNG Limited and/or using the names of our employees in bogus, fictitious and imaginary transactions, to solicit for financial details, advance fees or other favours in exchange for which they purport to confer non-existent benefits (funds, employment, contracts etc) in Nigeria LNG Limited. 

These e-mails/publications are usually sent from persons posing as the Company's attorney or claiming to occupy influential positions in the oil and gas industry. The sender of the mail usually would request that the target co-operates with them in order to benefit from a stated business transaction or get a job in Nigeria LNG Limited.
Nigeria LNG Limited disassociates itself from such mails/publications and hereby warns the general public that these are scams designed to defraud unsuspecting individuals / corporate organizations. You are strongly advised NOT to communicate or disclose any of your financial details or send any money to these individuals. You are also advised to report any such incident to the Police. 
Nigeria LNG Limited shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by any person (s) as a result of such mails / publications.